Down 18.7 lbs in one month

I know I shouldn’t get used to these types of results so soon but this is great motivation! A dear friend told me last night that she feels like I am going to reach my goal this time. I sure hope she is right so I keep looking at her message to help keep me going. In fact, I posted it on my phattofittofab Instagram because it made me realize I may actually do it this time.

It actually isn’t that hard right now. Sure I get the two regular cravings, Big Macs and POUTINE of course…but I find that I am keeping fruits and vegetables in mind for each meal and again the #wwsisterhood Instagram community is phenomenal and completely awe inspiring. My journey this time started because I found real people, experiencing the same life long struggles I have and they were succeeding! Like real women, losing weight doing it the old fashioned truer than true way – healthy diet and exercise! Who would have thunk it? So many of these women are so inspiring the difference with their before and afters are incredible and you can see differences in only a few weeks. It’s amazing how your body reacts in a positive way. I am really believing that I am capable of this because I can witness others doing the same thing – very successfully!
am slowly incorporating exercise into this journey which definitely gets things moving if you know what I mean 🙂 so that’s a plus

Anyway, one month in and down 18.7lbs. Can’t wait to see what the end of this month shows.

These are my February goals (which I have never really done) so let’s see in a month where I am at.


Blog soon,


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