Down 15.7lbs so far….

So Weight watchers and #wwsisterhood is helping me greatly! Great news today as I stepped on the scale.
Let’s hope this progress continues. Last week I had a cheeseburger and POUTINE as a treat from McDonald’s…the first junk food I’ve had since starting. Of course I counted and still had 1 point for the day left that I didn’t even use…not that I needed to. That POUTINE was incredible FYI. I do love Starbucks Chocolate Chip cookies as you know but I haven’t had one in ages. There are a lot of things I haven’t had. I drink more tea than lattes and I love me some lattes. Another thing, this week I didn’t use any of my 49 weeklies (extra points I can use for the week) so yay me!

This seems to get easier as the days go by but I know this battle all too well. There will be a day so dark that all I will want is to wrap myself in a Big Mac curl up with chocolate and put some cool ranch Doritos to shame. Oh the day will come and I hope I am strong enough to resist the urge. If not, it doesn’t necessarily mean I am a failure it means I need to pick myself up and refocus. Not eating my way back to 241lbs. #amen

Just wanted to check in and say Instagram is where the best community of inspiration is for me and I am so glad that I was able to find this community. I feel inspired and am reminded everyday as to why I want this and what is is worth to me.

Follow me on Instagram if you want the most up to date posts – there are a lot per week but hey, whatever works right?!?

Blog soon,


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