#wwsisterhood: Thank You!

Well, a full 7 days have passed since I restarted weight watchers also known as tracking every morsel of food that enters my mouth. I have weighed in and I am happy with the results.

Drumroll please…..down 7.6lbs!

Week one down and I am overwhelmed by the warm and welcoming weight watchers community on Instagram. It started my motivation and I find it helps me stay motivated. #weightwatchers & the #wwsisterhood is truly a group of people like me, who want to lose weight / feel great and are either working hard toward their goal or have reached their goal and now maintaining it. I get great ideas, tips on healthy eating and am inspired by this incredible network of women who genuinely seem to support each other. It is so refreshing and I can honestly say, it’s nice to have an outlet that I can truly be inspired by where women aren’t hating on each other who are in it together if you will. The before and after pics are jaw dropping because they are real women working hard. Tie that with the kick ass quotes that make me feel less alone in this and help realize that my goals are not only realistic but attainable. I am sure you will hear about this more along my journey.

Another thing that I find that is with Weight Watchers there is no food off limits. I can have anything I want but in moderation. I refuse to succumb to these feelings anymore because it is mind over matter and this mind has been tortured enough with self loathing. It’s exhausting. I put so much thought and feeling into how I relate to my body that it would be a nice break to not wake up and wish my weight and life away. I wish I could lose weight. Why can’t I do it? There is no reason I can’t. I have finally realized that no fat fairy is going to show up and take it away where I will awake and be a Victoria’s Secret runway model. I do want it bad enough (I’ve talked about it and written about it enough) I will do whatever it takes to make this happen. I’m tired of being on the sidelines of my life!

I deserve this and 2014 is my year!
Blog soon,

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3 responses to “#wwsisterhood: Thank You!

  1. Dianne Pettapiece

    Well done. keep.it up. Xo

  2. Jeffrey

    Keep going keep going!!!
    Though you’re given the choice to eat whatever you want but with limits, always try to go for the more nutritious foods. It’ll keep you feeling more full.

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