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Au Revoir Summer, Bonjour Fall!

Well, here we are again, the last long weekend of the summer.  Summer of 2011 come and gone, seemingly in a blink of an eye.  I do love the hot summer days, bbq’s, sangria on patios, scoops of gelato on warm and breezy nights…we had a gorgeous summer in Toronto – noone in the city can deny that.  A few record-breaking days of heat, a week of rain but overall a perfectly balanced, perfectly beautiful few months.

This last long weekend also means students everywhere that have enjoyed their time off  head back to school on Tuesday.  WooHoo! parents unite!  Back to school means only one thing to me: Fall!  Oh, glorious fall, how I have missed you!  I am so happy that you are back!!  Sure, bbq’s and gelato scoops are great but have nothing on falling leaves, cable knit sweaters, leggings, crisp air and cool nights and my favourite holiday: Thanksgiving!  This time of year, my heart is full, my mind is inspired and my trip is booked! 

This year, “Bonjour Fall” also means “Bonjour Paris!”.  Ooh la la! Je T’aime!  Two weeks today I will be in the city of light and I can’t wait.  Most likely at this time I will be laying on a blanket in front of the Eiffel Tower drinking a fabulous Merlot paired with some fine exotic cheese.  I will also be in full relaxation mode.  It has been 5 years since my last visit and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.  Who knew when I booked this trip in March that it would be exactly what I need right now?  They say (whoever “they” are) that timing is everything and in this case? 100% true.  I am expecting a major life change in the next week or so that I am not looking forward to.  I will take whatever comes my way and then get the heck out of here!  Of course the responsible side of me has considered cancelling, depending on the outcome of this coming week but if it is the worst case scenario – what better way to cope than in Paris & Rome?   A perfectly beautiful escape from reality where history and phenomenal architecture greet me at every turn.  Not to mention the delectable, mouth-watering cuisine.  Two weeks to clear my head, clear my conscience, forget the stress and bring on the vino!  Like everything else in my life, whatever comes my way I will overcome and prosper – this time I just have a fabulous location to forget the reality for a little while and come back refreshed, rejuvenated and even more fabulous than before!

Au revoir summer, it’s been nice.  Fall in Paris? Je t’aime et je ne peux pas attendre pour passer chaque minute avec vous!!

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