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A Dream Come True and a “Love Letter” to Amy MY Angel

Do you have a dream?  Everybody has a dream!  What’s your dream?

Well, this title is funny.  The reason I say that is because when I wrote my first “book” in grade 9 – A lovely story about myself and Jordan Knight (yes, New Kids on the Block) finding love and getting married which included my most memorable crush of Grade 8, my fabulous girlfriends and the movie Pretty Woman – A Dream Come True was everything I could have hoped for.  193 written pages, 90 pages typed on a typewriter.  It included Jordan and I in a chance meeting, his brother Jonathan realizing that I loved Jordan for who he really was and not because he was a New Kid on The Block.  I hooked up other New Kids with my girlfriends who swore they loved them and even the boys they dreamed of in our high school made cameos.  I wrote that after Jordan and I were together, my Grade 8 crush came back into the picture and Jordan became nervous thinking I would leave him but of course I loved him too much to even think of doing that – despite my deep and everlasting love for him…the past was the past I had told him.  I would lay on the family room floor of my childhood home, watching Law and Order and write.  I would listen to the radio Kiss 98.5 FM and write at all hours of the night, for hours until it was complete.  I was so proud of it and hoped one day my words in fantasy would somehow become reality or at least have Jordan read my words and that message would somehow reach him.  Maybe he would realize how much I truly loved him and he would love me back.  I was in Grade 9, so of course that is what I believed at the time.  Anything was possible back then, wasn’t it?  Dreams come true all the time, no?

This title is even more funny, because in November 2008, I had the opportunity of meeting my dream man of middle and high school, Jordan Knight. The New Kids On The Block decided to go on a reunion tour and this time, they were doing meet and greets with their fans.  The price tag was $500.00 a ticket and I decided to go with a friend I hadn’t seen since high school.  It was a lot of money just to meet them and did I mention I had to fly to Calgary to do this?  It felt like it was something that needed to be done and worth every penny.  November 20th, 2008 and I will never forget it.  We weren’t able to bring in anything with us – I had brought my book in case I could get them to sign it but no such luck.  I walked in and they were all just standing there.  It is incredible how fast the heart can beat in a woman’s chest without coming to a complete stop. I didn’t see Jordan at first, but Danny.  Danny made some comment about me looking up one of them up and down and that he saw what I was doing and made a joke about it.  He hugged me.  It was completely surreal.  Then I think I met Joe, then Jon and then Jordan.  When I saw Jordan standing right in front of me all I could say was “Omigod, Jordan Knight”.  He smiled and hugged me.  I don’t think I could describe the feeling.  All I could see were Unicorns, Rainbows and Stars.  I ended up hugging him two more times and when it came time to taking the picture the women were like vultures grabbing their favourite “kid” like their prey.  Luckily, my friend had been to the meet and greet the day before and had done this already and she was standing beside Jordan.  She let me stand between them and he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him for the picture.   I think I died, took a look from above and got right back in my own body because I sure as hell wasn’t going to miss living in this moment.  It was probably 2 minutes of my life but I will certainly never forget it.  Literally, a dream come true (even though I didn’t marry him like my story had planned).

Dreams are incredible things.  They seem almost unattainable and that is why they are fun to imagine.  Something to strive for.  I have faced some challenging times like most people, but I will tell you – I have been extremely fortunate that many of my dreams have luckily come true in one way or another….like these:

1. I had a dream of finding where I came from.  In 1999 I found my birth mother and in 2002 I found by birth father – and I now know exactly where I come from.  Not many people who are adopted can say that.  I dreamed of having a sister my entire life and found one in 2002.  (even though the relationship now wasn’t exactly what I had hoped it would be).

2. I had dreamed of working for the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts company – although a couple of years, this dream led to other dreams coming true like going to NYC for the first time and staying at one of the most beautiful hotels in New York for free.  Also I had the chance to go to California and stay at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills – the same hotel as Pretty Woman which was a dream from Grade 8, again, for free.

Now, number 3 is incredible.  I have had the dream of going to the Oprah show for years and years and you would know this from my “Love Letter to Oprah” I posted in July of this year.  Tomorrow at this time I will be in Oprah’s studio.  This still doesn’t even seem real to me.  It is another dream that I can say is coming true and I have no idea what I did to deserve it.  I have no idea how it is even possible, but it seems to be.  My fabulous girlfriends and I had been trying to plan a trip to Chicago in December but it just wasn’t working out.  Timing seemed to be everything but on our side.  In September, I had applied for tickets to Oprah shows in October, but out of the 10 shows I applied on, I was declined.  You see, I have applied to be on the show many times, tried to explain in my best words why I am an ultimate fan, how deep my love for Oprah goes, what it would mean to me to just thank her in person.  My love was / is deep.  On October 21st, my friend Amy told me she had applied for tickets as the window was open – because she was trying to make my dream come true.  what an incredible friend and woman that Amy is :).  Did I mention that she is the reason I got to see Mariah Carey the closest ever on Canadian Idol?  Yup, another dream, thanks to Amy.  She told me she thought the window to apply for tickets was open until the end of the day, and when I received her message around 8pm, I got caught up doing other things and it slipped my mind.  It was at 11:45pm when I was laying in bed and I shot up when her message rushed back to me.  I grabbed my laptop and immediately logged in.  I went on the site, the window was open until 11:59pm (aka 14 minutes left).  I didn’t have my Oprah password so I had to wait for the email back from the moderator with it to log in.  Once received, I had literally 8 minutes to submit my ticket requests.  I applied to 5 shows toward the end of November, logged off and went to sleep.  With the demand surely exceeding the supply, it was a random lottery and I thought for sure I wouldn’t get tickets because the chances were very slim, especially this being the Farewell Season.  When I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received an email letting me know that my request had been accepted and I had to confirm my tickets.  I was in tears…in disbelief.  I still don’t think it has set in.   If Amy hadn’t messaged me about the window, if her message hadn’t played back to me in my head at 11:45pm – I wouldn’t be able to tell you that my ultimate dream of being a part of the Oprah show is coming true and in a few hours I am heading to Chicago!!!!

A special thank you to my incredible friend Amy because without her, this wouldn’t be happening and I can’t even begin to repay you for what you have done….to the fabulous girls that I am going with – I can’t wait and thank you for making it happen and making this ultimate dream ultimately fantastic!  To all of you who have shown your excitement and read or listened to me through the years go on and on and on about Oprah, thank you!!  I will quote Oprah off the cuff, but now that this magical dream is coming true, once I get back from Chicago, I need to find a new dream!  I do have a few in mind….

I now realize it is a fact that dreams can come true.  With your own belief in the dream and of course the magical people who surround you that take a part in bringing them to fruition.  Perhaps you have an Angel like Amy who surrounds you and tries to make it happen.  Maybe its the girlfriends who lift you up and believe in you and want only the best for you.  Maybe, just maybe if you put your dreams out there, they will come back when you least expect it, like say, 20 years later….  Time and circumstance has everything to do with it, that is certain.  With kind words of encouragement, support, love and positive thinking and incredible friends – I really do believe that anything is possible and I cannot wait for the next great thing to happen.  I literally cannot believe that I will be there tomorrow.  My heart is pounding, I am finding it hard to catch my breath and I haven’t even left the ground yet. 

Once again, thank you thank you thank you Amy for your part in making this most incredible dream come true!

Blog Soon, Post Oprah!!!! 




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